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Crowfoot Arena

8080 John Laurie Blvd NW
Calgary, Alberta

(403) 241-1818

COVID-19 Details

Crowfoot Arena is re-opening to the public August 1st for available ice please click on the available ice tab. Email for all inquiries.

All users must abide by our guidelines. Violating groups will be refused access. No refunds will be given for cancellations or groups asked to leave due to not following protocols. Please see the guidelines link. All contract holders must sign a copy of the guidelines at the time of booking. Please ensure that the members of your group have read and understood them. There will be no public skate or public shinny. Spectators are prohibited.

Crowfoot Arena COVID Guidelines : PDF

COVID Spectator Policy : PDF

Ice Available To Purchase


Adult Shinny


Online registration used, set up a user name. Cash payment still collected upon arrival.

Public Skating

YMCA Membership No Longer Accepted Jan 1, 2019
Helmets are strongly recommended for all skaters.

Crowfoot Minor Hockey

Crowfoot Hockey represents the following communities: Arbour Lake, Citadel, Dalhousie, Hamptons, Hawkwood and Ranchlands, Royal Oak and Rocky Ridge.

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